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I became at our family practice and was surprised to see on your wall a myriad of procedures for reducing fat. Injections sure to melt away fat from problem areas. I thought this was an interesting procedures for any family doctor. When the doctor came in to check me for strep throat Specialists him about it with great gusto and excitement he proceeded to inform me about the great products and operations they offer and even demonstrated before and after pictures of his abdominal fat reduction. Hmm. - Santa Clarita Doctors Office

I went along to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and they were offering eyelash enhancers and Botox. There again is an interesting combination. They have Botox, saggy eye surgery plus a host of other surgical treatments for faces. Why would a close look doctor offer a service that is performed by someone else? Exactly where is all this leading to? There is a lot of money to be made within the cosmetic medical industry and I guess doctors are going to help cosmetic surgeons by advertising procedures that they think their own patients may be interested in.

I can see visiting a family practice and talking about sleep disorders, but I can't see going to a family practice and achieving them offer breast augmentation. I wonder what is happening on the plastic surgeons are they offering diabetes or asthma procedures? Our dentist offers braces. What are the orthodontists doing? Many people are just trying to stay afloat on this unstable economy, why not doctors too? - Santa Clarita Doctors Office
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